Minnesota Relocation

Relocating to another state can be a tough decision. Knowing more about your future home can help you understand the state better and determine the community within it that would best suit your needs.

Minnesota is located in the Midwestern portion of the United States. The 12th largest state in America, it is also the 21st most populous with 5.27 million residents. Minnesota is the northernmost state in the U.S. apart from Alaska. Called the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, the state’s name comes from a Dakota word for “sky-tinted water”. The waters, forests, prairies, and wilderness areas offer residents of Minnesota a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Residents of Minnesota have origins in Scandinavian settlers, but over the years, the population has become quite diverse. Minnesota residents rank among the healthiest in the nation. It also has a highly literate population.

Nearly 60% of Minnesota’s residents live in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area known as the Twin Cities. These communities are the center of the state’s transportation, business, industry, education and internationally known arts community. The economy is also diverse, as covers nearly every common business type of the country.
Much of the rest of Minnesota consists of gently rolling prairies that are perfect for farming in the west and south; and the less populated North Woods are used mostly for mining, forestry, and recreation. Farming still provides Minnesota a big income.

The state offers a huge variety of natural water. The Red River makes up Minnesota’s western border. The Mississippi River begins its journey in Minnesota. It starts at the headwaters of Lake Itasca and crosses the Iowa border 680 miles downstream. Lake Superior makes up part of the northeastern border of the state.

Moving to Minnesota without help can be a hassle. Trying to save money can lead to higher damages than you can imagine. There are MN Moving Companies ready and waiting to help you relocate. There are also MN Storage Units where your belongings can be stored safely through the relocation process.

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